If you’ve ever struggled with rejection – this book is for you!

This story looks into the lives of four different individuals who all have one common bond – Rejection! For years, it has plagued them like a terrible disease. They all are in search of a cure. Will any of them find it? “How can something so seemingly simple be totally complex?” A question they’ve all asked themselves a hundred times over. Their daily prayer – Love Me…Please!!!



Pleasing Your Partner: A Spiritual Guide to H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. discusses issues that marriages face. From financial hardship, to infidelity, to lack of communication, all of these problems can be conquered by adhering to the principles of this book. Whether just starting out, or on a continuous journey, every couple can benefit from this spiritual guide to h.a.p.p.i.n.e.s.s.! Actor Isaiah Washington gave it two thumbs up!

Regardless of age, race, or economic status, certain issues typically plague all relationships. Abuse. Blended Families. Communication. Money. Self-Esteem. Setting Boundaries and Trust, just to name a few. Co-authored with Dominique Wilkins, She’s Out. I’m In, not only discuss these topics, but also provide solutions to the various scenarios. Actress Kym Whitley got it!

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Winner of the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards’ Silver Medal, this book combines personal narrative and poetry to teach how to turn any situation into an inspiring moment. Toneal not only employs the “A.B.O.V.E.” acronym to demonstrate various sources of inspiration, but also incorporates “Life Coaching Questions” into the text to provide the reader with a thought-provoking interactive experience. In this work, Jackson shares accounts of personal hardships and reveals her secrets of endurance. She believes that although tragedies occur they don’t have to overcome you. Learn how death, heartache and misfortune can be transformed into personal growth. News Anchor Kathy Brock was inspired!

Learning to Love Me chronicles the personal experiences of 20 women, all with distinct backgrounds – age, race, social status and even geographic location. Regardless of those differences, the commonality that overwhelmingly unites them is the ability to overcome the obstacle that has at one point or another plagued us all. They have joined forces to share their journeys with the hope of encouraging readers to know that no matter the hardship, succeeding in life begins with self-love. After all, how can you truly love someone else unless and until you first love yourself. Also available is the Learning to Love Me Creative Writing Journal. Incorporating seven powerful terms (confidence; esteem; happiness; improvement; love; purpose; self-awareness), this journal is geared to help individuals utilize personal reflection techniques to realize a better sense of self. Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph loved her book!

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Receiving her Masters degree in Business Administration, International Award-Winning Author Toneal M. Jackson combines her education and literary experience to provide authors insight on what it takes to achieve success in the literary industry. She explains how thriving in this field no longer depends solely on writing a good book; but now, in order for a writer to prevail, they must possess an entrepreneurial mindset. Among the sound advice, Jackson renders her readers valuable marketing, promotional and sales strategies that can be implemented to build, brand and even boost their business. So whether simply interested in what it takes to become an author, or wanting to explore what it takes to perfect your craft, this book is sure to equip you with the skills necessary to triumph!

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International Award-Winning Author Toneal M. Jackson discusses how becoming a master of communication will solve any problem you face. Whether personal or professional, this book helps you discover effective communication techniques that can enhance your relationships. Its contents are universally applicable; they can be employed in the home, at the office, and everywhere in between.

This book is designed to teach parents how to maintain a positive connection with their child despite the transitional stages. From infanthood to adolescence, learn effective communication techniques that will help you better understand your child and secure a lasting relationship.


Writer’s Digest proclaims, “This is a lovely, heartfelt look at life with four beautiful, well-loved daughters, written by a very loving mom. It works beautifully, and will be loved and appreciated by kid readers as well as the mothers in their lives”.

In this rhyming tale, the four girls learn their colors. Oldest sister Autumn, returns from school having learned that colors are grouped as being either primary or secondary. She spends her time teaching younger sisters Areana, Angele and Jeriah, how to differentiate between the two.

Life can appear very tough. Trying to decide what to be, and what road to ravel to obtain that goal can be very difficult. Pressure from peers, society, and sometimes even family can make life seem downright overwhelming. In order to simplify a complicated situation, consider the most important factor: What does it take to be happy? After all, nothing you possess will matter if you can enjoy it! This work is written with a universal appeal. Whether eight, eighteen or eighty, it compels the reader to deeply reflect upon a topic that most take for granted.

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