“Being a vendor in the Author’s Promoting Success booth has given me the opportunity to meet readers from all across the country, as well as prominent authors. I would recommend Authors Promoting Success to any aspiring author. You will be able to share and learn different phases and aspects of the literary business, from some of the best!” Ron Williams, IL (Business & Finance Author)



“Exhibiting my books in as large a venue as the Black Expo, and the reception I received, was life affirming. It was exciting that several people who had previously read book 1, in my “Spirit Mate” series, were thrilled to see me there! Each of them dug in for more of the books in the series. It made my day. Had you not opened the door for me to join the table, I would have missed that opportunity. And for that I am grateful!!!I am looking forward to our next venture together, and many more after that.” E.J. Brock, IN (Paranormal Author)



“Everyone has a dream but some dreams are difficult to make come true. As a writer, I wanted my stories shared with the world. I didn’t have a problem putting pen to paper but the networking was
hit or miss and I didn’t know as much as I thought I did about publishing and advertising. Toneal became a source of wisdom, guidance and support for my projects. I have been able to showcase my work at many events that I would have missed without her and she holds me accountable. No matter how amazing you are in your craft, it is always wise to have a mentor who has been where you aspire to go and has proven success in that arena. Thank God for the Toneal Jackson’s who selflessly light a path for those to follow.” Amani Jackson, VA (Children’s Book Author)



“One Sunday, in his sermon, my pastor taught about the difference between being a mentor and a coach. He pointed out that a coach was someone who had not done or gone where you want, but sees the ability in you, that they can encourage you to get there, where they themselves have never been. A mentor on the other hand is someone who has in fact been there and done that and can show you how it is done. Personally, I am excited about proof. Toneal M. Jackson is an International Award-Winning author for a reason. Her methods, ideas and professionalism is undeniable. She has provided me with invaluable information in every consultation, conversation and suggestion that she has ever shared with me. She is an investment, that I will pour into again and again. If you need someone who is sustaining and reliable and good at what she does, I refer you to the one and only Toneal M. Jackson- literary extraordinaire!” Dominique Wilkins, IN (Fiction Author)




“Wow.. only one hour long and I have sooo much material to help me get published….thank you Jesus! Thank you APS! Got lots of work to do…omg, where to start! Toneal Jackson…you are awesome!”

Alisa Harris, IL (Aspiring Author)





“APS meetings have been a tremendous help to me being new to this arena. I’ve attended via teleconference, which works great with my schedule. The calls are clear and I would suggest them to anyone who can’t attend physically. I look forward to next month’s meeting!” Mona Williams, IL  (Christian Author)





“I was blessed to have had the opportunity to know and work with Mrs. Toneal Jackson and APS Publishing. Toneal has been a great encouragement to me, as this was my first experience with the writing and publishing of my work. She not only encouraged me, but helped me in understanding the editing and publishing process, and gave suggestions on how to promote my work. I so admire the fact that she stands firm on the type of materials she promotes and publishes. My experience with Toneal and APS Publishing has given me the confidence and push I needed to move forward in my divine purpose.” Sylvia Grimes-Myrie, IL (Author of Morsels of Truth)


“I am grateful I had the chance to connect with Mrs. Jackson. She was very helpful every step of the way. I tried several times to have my book published, and all the others failed. Even though we live in different states, Mrs. Jackson worked with me over the phone to help execute my vision. Now, my goal has been accomplished, and I am a proud published author!” Mary Magee, MS (Author of I’m Still Here)








“It was truly an honor to be interviewed by award-winning author and motivational speaker Toneal Jackson. Toneal is an outstanding interviewer who is so inspiring and accomplished. She brings such a bright, positive energy and vivacious spirit to her interviews that is truly contagious”. Vida Ghaffari, CA (Actress, Journalist)



“Toneal Jackson is pure magic. Her Oprah-like ability to turn an ordinary interview into something truly special is nothing short of amazing. Charming and inquisitive, she brings out the best in all of her guests. My own interview was everything I could have hoped for – lively, engaging and entertaining. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have been a guest on Inspirational Talk with Toneal”.

Randy Richardson, IL (Author & President of Chicago Writers Association)