Book Awards

THE contest for Self-Published authors!


We are focused on honoring independent authors in the fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and children’s genres. This contest is solely for self-published authors; submissions from authors affiliated with major publishing houses (i.e. Random House; Simon & Schuster) will not be accepted.

These awards are purposed to celebrate individuals who have taken the time to create a quality product that educates, encourages, empowers and/or entertains its audience.

Submission Guidelines

Neither erotic titles nor those excessively profane or graphic in nature will be accepted!!!

All entries must have an ISBN displayed on the book

The year of publication must be within the last five years (2013 – present)

One physical copy must be submitted, which WILL NOT be returned. Books will be displayed in APS Books & More Bookstore after judging process ends. All books may not be displayed; the decision is solely at the discretion of the owner.


Send your book to:

APS Books & More

Contest Entry

P. O. Box 23373

Chicago, IL 60623


Entry Fee:

$40 per category – Early Bird (January 1 – January 28)



$50 per category – Regular Entry (January 29 – March 29)

$75 per category – Late Fee (March 30 – April 12)


Payments can be made via cashier’s check or money order (payable to APS Books & More) or electronically via PayPal to:

*You will be notified when both payment and book are received.


Available categories for submission are:

Fiction (mystery; action; drama; romance; fantasy)

Nonfiction (autobiography; memoirs; self-help)





Deadline: April 12, 2018

Winners are notified by June 12, 2018

*All participants will receive 2 free tickets to the Awards Gala. Travel and hotel accommodations are not included.                                                                                                            (Tickets are for author and one guest; additional tickets will be available for purchase)


1st Place Winners in each category:                                                                          

Personalized plaque

100 seals that can be affixed to your book

Book receives shelf display at APS Books & More Bookstore until December 31, 2018

2nd Place Winners in each category:

Personalized certificate

50 seals that can be affixed to your book