Most writers dream of getting signed with a major publishing company such as Random House or Simon & Schuster. But did you know that they only accept a few manuscripts every year? And those that are accepted must be accompanied with an agent endorsement. Even if your manuscript is accepted, there is a GREAT chance that you will have to change most of it to live up to their standards! You have no creative control; in order to work with them you have to submit to their demands.

With vanity presses like AuthorHouse or Xlibris, you have to pay them just to bind your book…any additional services you have to pay for. So what if it’s your first time having a book published? That’s not their concern. Didn’t know you needed an editor? Too bad. Didn’t know what size your book should be? Oh, well. Were you looking to have your book in a bookstore? Not their problem.

APS Publishing allows you to keep your voice and tell your story the way it was intended. We provide guidance through the publishing process and even offer installment plans! You receive basic membership with Authors Promoting Success. On top of that, you are mentored by an International Award-Winning Author – someone who understands your plight and can help you travel through your literary journey!

**We DO NOT publish erotica, street lit or any titles excessively vulgar or profane.**